Vacutainer with a Platelet-Rich Plasma and Blood for PRP Treatme



Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is a treatment to rejuvenate skin or hair. PRF has a high concentration of both platelets and growth factors, which can trigger stem cell activity to produce elastin and collagen, promote hair growth, and accelerate the wound healing process.

PRF is great for patients with thin crepey skin, and under-eye discoloration. It forms a fibrin matrix that helps regulate the release of growth factors, white blood cells, and other nutrients to the treatment site, while stimulating new collagen production. This results in more even skin tone, improved texture, reduction in acne scars, brighter under-eye area (diminished hollows and dark circles), firmer skin and softer fine lines.

The most common treatment areas for PRF are the face (especially dark under-eye hollows), neck, and hands.

This service yields the best results when patients are properly hydrated prior to their appointment.